Nov 12

simple javascript slideshow

Why choose jQuery Slideshow Maker?

There are several reasons on why one should choose jQuery Slideshow Maker. This article will discuss some.

This slideshow maker is an easy to use slideshow maker that can create a simple javascript slideshow to a complex one that is worth praising.  Web developers define this as a framework for JavaScript, the standard programming language used in the web.  This is also one of the JavaScript libraries that are available today.

The JQuery application can be downloaded easily for only a reasonable price.  Not only that! This is also perfect in web designing because it uses and contains simple javascript code for slideshow that is compatible to be seen in most browsers.  In that way, the web designer does not have to worry a lot with a web surfer experiencing an error in a web page especially with the slideshows.

Why jQuery?  Aside from being compatible with most Operating Systems, the library has an easy to use interface that can be operated even by those who have no proper training or skill in making a slideshow.  This application also features different effects, transitions and customable speeds that can make an easy js slideshow presentation look hard to make for an average viewer.

If one is a business owner, better think of downloading or buying one as it can make your website look attractive enough to the extent that clients will go back constantly to your website just to visit.  No worries if one doesn’t know how to use the library as there are free tutorials available online.  Let the web site visitor view ones free javascript slideshow full of pictures of your products in a more fun way by adding audio.  One can also let his visitor change the slideshow speed at their will by adding speed options on one’s slideshow.  Zooming out and zooming in is also possible for one’s viewer, making the site a little more interactive.  Using slideshows in company websites is becoming a trend now a days and it is a must to keep up with trends to stay competitive.

In addition, this library can write a simple script for javascript slideshow quickly compared to its other contenders.  It is believed that this is done to make work fast and eliminate the stress in designing a web page.  Web designing is in fact a laborious task.  It takes time and several trials just to get the right design.

Since its release last 2006, a number of popular sites have been using it.  Such sites are twitter, twitpic, AOL, reddit, IBM, ESPN and fileserve.  In fact, major names in the IT world came to support it.  On top of the list are Nokia and Microsoft who are planning to adopt the library.

Today, the library has numerous versions.  Each version release, the better it is.  The library is indeed an easy tool that can be used by web designers and those who like to make their own slideshow.  With its tagline “write less, do more” hundreds of web developers surely had and will have an easier life with it.


Oct 12

javascript slideshow tutorial

All about jQuery Slideshow Tutorials

This article is dedicated to the tutorial on how to make a slideshow using jQuery Slideshow Maker. There are varieties of techniques used in making a slideshow using jQuery. If you want to learn how to make a slideshow script using javascript in jQuery, just search for it online. You can find thousands of results about jQuery and javascript slideshow tutorial. Using javascript in slideshows is a great way to create a good slideshow for many reasons. You can use javascript to enhance your photos, add some extra arts on your homepage, or you can even make a story and some stop-animation-motion style. One if the big advantages of javascript is the reusability it offers. Once you create your script, making a new slideshow is only a matter of copying and pasting the code to a new file or image folder. You can even find a javascript slideshow tutorial that will teach you on how to build a unique slideshow with many tweaks for making it more attractive and beautiful. Just choose what type of tutorial you like, from a story text type tutorial to a video guide tutorial. Also, make sure that you have the complete list and set of pictures you needed for your slideshow so that you will have a smooth working flow while creating it. Have the necessary software like jQuery available for a fast slideshow building. You can even purchase some new additional slideshow software’s for better styles and features of a slideshow like rotate, blur, blast, flip, squares, blinds, basics, slices, ken burns, fade, basic linear, stack and stack vertical. Some software’s doesn’t even need image editing and coding. Anyway, it’s your preference that matters.

What they have there is a simple javascript basic slideshow tutorial. In this slideshow, you have to write a slideshow code from a javascript which you have to download online. You can get a single slideshow example html file. Next is to change the image name, path, and js slideshow speed. After that, you have to embed the javascript slideshow to the web page you create. Then, save and preview your slideshow made from javascript. For a thorough tutorial, just find them online. Apart from javascript slideshow script tutorial, there are also many ways in creating a slideshow. You can also find easy-to-follow js slideshow tutorial online. Many online sites can give you the basic in making slideshow using javascript; basic here, means direct and simple. You can follow many basic guidelines in making a slideshow the easiest and fastest way. There are even numbers of video tutorials you can find all over the web for you to have a thorough guide in making a perfect slideshow. You can also have a unique slideshow with many arts or designs for your preference. Some people even believe that the more design you can put on a slideshow, the better will be the result of the slideshow in general. So, start making your own slideshow now and make it as memorable as the photos you have in it.


Oct 12

JavaScript image slider

JavaScript image slider – an Easy Thing to Code Now

Sliding images on the web

Image sliders have been something of a great importance when it comes to web engineering and developing web applications that need images to move as in a slide show with fading or sliding right left effect or vice versa. Mostly when people approach to particular web developer their first demand always is that there should be a flash header and an image slider on their home page. This directs the fact that the image slider has become one of the integral parts of the web application. People demand it and that’s why it has become so popular over internet that people have started to make tutorials for it. These image sliders are developed by using JavaScript, a language that helps you with the programming content over your web based application. Though one can download these image sliders as ads on or plug-ins, over all the crux of the moment is that it’s very easy to put in a slider over your website, probably it would take about ten minutes to plug in the JQuery image slider. Before JQuery was introduced, these sliders were prepared by JavaScript, which seemed to be a great pain because Java Script provided all fields of programming but still it wasn’t that much flexible but JavaScript image slider helped to get the job done.

Coding JavaScript image slider

JavaScript image slider was extremely hard to code and there were so many things that one had to take care of while coding, but the problem with it was that the JavaScript code for image slider was hard to understand for those who downloaded or bought a specific template that had an image slider fed on. The users really had to struggle with the JavaScript code and at the end they found it easier to just to quit instead of working on the code that didn’t make any sense. With JQuery things became easier because the complexity of code was greatly reduced. There is a reason because of which JavaScript is known to be a fast loading library of JavaScript, and all the user has to do is to call certain functions that if done with JavaScript comprised of 10 lines of code. So writing a single word for one function seems to be better than writing 10 lines and then correcting the mistakes if done and this is always the worst part to find errors in the error prone code.

JavaScript slider on the show

The JavaScript sliders were effective in usage but nobody uses them anymore because of what advantages JQuery gives one. But still there are tutorials that can help you understand the hardest part of the slider making through JavaScript. You can also find many templates or ads on of the JavaScript image slider along with JavaScript image slider example, with all the explaining that would be required to understand the cumbersome code of the image slider which is known to be the most painful parts of all in developing.


Oct 12

javascript photo slideshow

The Future of the Grade in Presentation


In this age where education is an important factor in life, one also has to know more about how to go about being scholarly and being attuned with the times as well. This applies for both the learner and the educator. If they are both left out of the woodwork of technology, so to speak, then it is not such a good sign that they will still be able to deliver what is needed of them in a timely manner and in a better quality as expected. Thus, the use of jQuery Slideshow Maker is highly encouraged for regular school needs, especially if one is already at the tertiary level. In fact, when one is heavily into university school work, then having basic knowledge of how to use a javascript photo slideshow is going to be a big help every term or semester.


Simply stated, a javascript image slideshow maker is a tool that could be utilized far more than what the traditional PowerPoint presentations could offer. Of course these presentations could be easily crafted in this manner as this is already the default process that both professors and students use in their class presentations. However, sometimes mere presentations of immovable text and pictures may not be enough, especially in this era where people could take in a huge amount of information at the touch of a button or a flip of a webpage. Using a different kind of device or tool to help enhance one’s presentation might be needed in these scenarios, especially if one is presenting in front of students who are steeped into fast mobile technologies. A javascript image slideshow is the one that the student body has been using, as recommended by friends. Or perhaps they have seen someone use this tool in one of their classes, and thus they begin being curious about it, curious enough to use it for themselves. This is how word gets passed around still, and it is still quite effective.


Thus, when a student has a presentation to do in class for a reporting duty, then the use of a javascript image slider would prove helpful in this situation. This is because the slider offers more movement and dynamism than the average PowerPoint presentation of the older times. Pictures could actually be manipulated within the slider program, meaning there is no need to use an external image manipulation software to do this specific task as it is already integrated within the program. Transitions between photos also exist and could be utilized in a fun yet professional manner as well. Plus of course having this jQuery image slideshow software would contribute more into the text and photos since the basic concept of transitioning them is by sliding them, making them more unique and dynamic as mentioned.


Professors and lecturers could also find this slider of great use, especially if they are going to lecture about a topic and then put it online. It is easy to integrate the presentation in an existing website if they want to do this.


Sep 12


jQuery Slideshow Maker  –  a top end, easy to use tool.

Internet is known to be the perfect place to distribute any product, idea or new concept. The main difference between being simply another ‘among others’ site, or a killer one, resides in the quality of the design and the originality with which the stunning graphics are presented.
jQuery Slideshow Maker is the perfect tool to accomplish such an important task. It allows imbedding, using a simple and seamless way, all the necessary code to create a JavaScript slideshow.

Enhancing your web site with a strong marketing message usually implies using a slideshow banner, or ‘slider’ to display beautiful pictures of your available product and services with very nice transition effects.
Using jQuery Slideshow Maker, it is now easy to create such beautiful JavaScript photo slideshows. The tool integrates a unique, very friendly user interface, and provides a simple and convenient way to display important information while at the same time reducing the usually required amount of screen space to display this information.

Of course, various technological options to create slideshows have been available for some time, but they always required a good amount of complex coding. Today, thanks to jQuery Slideshow Maker, creating stunning visual effects in your site has become a simple task. Adding the JavaScript code for slideshow in any part of your existing web site has never been easier.

This tool takes full advantage of using jQuery; a relatively new technology that has been dubbed with the friendly name of ‘The write less, Do more, Java Library’. In a nutshell, it makes writing JavaScript a lot easier.

jQuery Slideshow Maker understood all these requirements quite well, and concentrated all the right solutions to allow even clear beginners, the ability to create works of art. Since it is easy and simple to use, requires less coding, and creates interesting and beautiful effects, it is no wonder this product encounters such a great success.
The tool is available for download and is easy to install.  Once done, the users will be delighted to discover a professional tool with the right user interface. No specific skills are required to start using it, and setup has never been so easy. Follow the easy setup and let yourself be guided through the first steps by the help menus or different templates available.

More tech savvy users will be happy to find that the jQuery Slideshow Maker is quite customizable.  It allows creating slideshows anywhere in a document using any image available locally or on the internet, and with many other classical jQuery features such as different speeds and allowing more than one slideshow per page. It is lightweight, i.e. the resulting JavaScript files are very small.
Of course as with any jQuery based tool, it requires that the users enable JavaScript.

Technology is no longer an issue to set up beautiful and trendy web sites. Concentrate on the look you want your site to have and rely on the jQuery Slideshow Maker to make it happen. Choose the right slideshows to enhance you site and start getting the right attention.