image slider tutorial

Give a Great Look to Your Website by Image Slider Tutorial

Image slider and importance

After image slider, let’s talk about “how a make image slider”.

Image sliders give a really great look to the websites they are used in one. They give an original feel of slide show of website in an ostentatious manner. When first image sliders were introduced, they were purely made on JavaScript and as the introduction of slider for images proved to be a real eye catcher so soon people started to post the image slider tutorial on the internet. Though yet again this made the code very complex to understand and when people started to download templates that comprised of such image slider then it was quite hard for them to edit it because most of the things were not completely understandable. So finally after the arrival of JQuery every complex thing became a lot easier and the code started to make sense and the editing and customizing procedure also became a piece of cake. That’s the ease that JQuery brought with itself, it’s a simple language that gives access to the HTML nodes, and provides the capability through which certain functions can be performed by fetching up the class or id of the elements in HTML file.

CSS tutorials for image slider

The image slider tutorial can be found all over the internet, now the YouTube gives great tutorials considering such kind of topics. Though the image slider is the package of the Css and the JavaScript libraries, CSS is an important part of the whole of the website because it is used for the styling purposes of the whole website. Before one can learn the programming part of the slider, it’s important that one outlines the structure of it and style it as per requirement. For styling, one can look for image slider CSS tutorial that will help you understand the essentials of styling the slider on the whole. Once that is done and all the HTML and CSS stuff is in its proper place then one can begin with more interesting stuff that is programming how the slider works. If you are well accustomed with web programming then you might know that all the programming on the web is done by using java scripting, which is a special language made for web applications to monitor the control of the whole web content especially when dealing with forms and have them connected through PHP.

Final touch of Java scripting

As mentioned above java scripting comes in handy when dealing with the programming part of the web application. Though java script plays the major part in building up the slider, the colors and setting up of the borders, boundaries and completing the boxes outlook is the part done in HTML and CSS, as far as moving the pictures within the box is concerned and adding up effects that is done by JavaScript. Image slider JavaScript tutorial can be used to learn more about how java scripting is carried upon the making of the image slider, later on the JQuery slideshow maker can be used that can add more spice to your slideshow the way you want it with all the effects.