JavaScript image slider

JavaScript image slider – an Easy Thing to Code Now

Sliding images on the web

Image sliders have been something of a great importance when it comes to web engineering and developing web applications that need images to move as in a slide show with fading or sliding right left effect or vice versa. Mostly when people approach to particular web developer their first demand always is that there should be a flash header and an image slider on their home page. This directs the fact that the image slider has become one of the integral parts of the web application. People demand it and that’s why it has become so popular over internet that people have started to make tutorials for it. These image sliders are developed by using JavaScript, a language that helps you with the programming content over your web based application. Though one can download these image sliders as ads on or plug-ins, over all the crux of the moment is that it’s very easy to put in a slider over your website, probably it would take about ten minutes to plug in the JQuery image slider. Before JQuery was introduced, these sliders were prepared by JavaScript, which seemed to be a great pain because Java Script provided all fields of programming but still it wasn’t that much flexible but JavaScript image slider helped to get the job done.

Coding JavaScript image slider

JavaScript image slider was extremely hard to code and there were so many things that one had to take care of while coding, but the problem with it was that the JavaScript code for image slider was hard to understand for those who downloaded or bought a specific template that had an image slider fed on. The users really had to struggle with the JavaScript code and at the end they found it easier to just to quit instead of working on the code that didn’t make any sense. With JQuery things became easier because the complexity of code was greatly reduced. There is a reason because of which JavaScript is known to be a fast loading library of JavaScript, and all the user has to do is to call certain functions that if done with JavaScript comprised of 10 lines of code. So writing a single word for one function seems to be better than writing 10 lines and then correcting the mistakes if done and this is always the worst part to find errors in the error prone code.

JavaScript slider on the show

The JavaScript sliders were effective in usage but nobody uses them anymore because of what advantages JQuery gives one. But still there are tutorials that can help you understand the hardest part of the slider making through JavaScript. You can also find many templates or ads on of the JavaScript image slider along with JavaScript image slider example, with all the explaining that would be required to understand the cumbersome code of the image slider which is known to be the most painful parts of all in developing.