Premium Online Website Builder Review

Each organisation must have an internet site. Nonetheless, you are able to draw even more attention on the web by using a site which shows the most up to date trends in web development. These are undoubtedly features that make your product noticed ahead of the rivals.

Easy Website Builder

It gets even better. At this time, you can design an excellent web site for your organisation without having programming or development knowledge. The 8b Simple Website Builder is really the software for this particular project. It is totally free and simple to use.

What is 8b Simple Website Builder?

8b Tech Ltd has just recently introduced an Online Website Builder that empowers users to create their web page by using their phones.

In the most basic terms, the 8b AMPWebsite Creator is an app you can work with to create your site despite the fact that you do not possess coding or programming skills. The adaptable attributes of the 8b Simple Website Builder can make it simple for you to choose the app off- and online. So you can certainly have fun drag-and-dropping and editing components of your website to develop a website with present day and mobile-ready characteristics.

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8b Simple Website Builder is a simple and free of charge Page Creator that could be chosen off- and online. This browser-based application is based on AMP in order that your web site will load much faster on mobiles. Customers can establish a responsive web site by utilizing this application.

AMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages. At presents, a large number of individuals utilize their cell phones to browse websites. Thus, a responsive site can load quicker on their cell phones. You will definitely be astounded to realize that 8b Website Maker assists in building a responsive website. This Web Page Generator features 2 technologies i.e. Bootstrap and AMP. Both of the solutions are well known to build a mobile-friendly, pleasing, and quick loading website.

How 8b Online Website Builder Works

8b Simple Website Builder is a straightforward program and you can easily use it without any problem. Check out the 8b official website and seek "Create Site for" Section and you can find the pop-down menu with the title "Select Here". Listed here you will discover an array of templates and you can go for one according to the subject of your business. The app has templates for company, agency, event, consulting firm, hotels, games, doctor, lawyer and so forth.

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The actions on how the Easy Website Builder works are very few since the strategy is to provide easier means of generating websites; stick to those basic steps, and your web site is set to be seen by audience.

Step 1: Download 8b Web Page Builder software and install it on your cellphone.

Step 2: Pick a theme from the various readily available templates that concern various niche market to begin managing a new project.

Step 3: Begin editing your website by dragging sections of tools you really want your site to have, and put them where that suits you.

Step 4: Your site is ready to get launched the moment you end up editing and enhancing it to your desired taste. This should be the ultimate stage of the procedure with the exception there might be a specific thing you intend to change, after that do not hesitate to run just a few steps back and also modify properly. Publishing your web site puts it out to site visitors and website traffic to flow in to watch your contents.

8b Templates

Simple Website Builder provides greater than 17 themes accessible on the system and you can certainly use all of these themes to help make the web page for your company.

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The design templates of the Easy Website Builder are ideal for folks who have to have sites for e-commerce, entertainment, sports, property, judicial or hospitality solutions, writers, and wedding planners.


The complete article speaks plainly of the true upsides for which you must decide to work with the Simple Website Builder concerning your projects. We will outline the motivating features into those few advantages which incorporate:

  • It makes modern web pages that are quite mobile-ready along with an infinite number of websites.
  • The site producing process is exciting and proficient.
  • The website builder comes with a superior user-friendly interface.

Online Website Builder

  • You do not need to understand programming languages.
  • Web pages are conveniently preserved when needed.
  • The website generator is adaptable that it helps you to utilize your own images in templates you pick to utilize.


Finally, the convenience at which you can use 8b to create a web page from scratch is almost unbelievable. And whenever you are already ready, with a few clicks, you can release your web site, putting your product out there, to a global audience.

Use it now for free, register and begin designing your website in mins.