Horizontal image slider

Attractive features of horizontal image slider

You might have heard a lot over internet and from your friend about the features offered by the jQuery Horizontal Slider and jQuery Slideshow Maker. In fact, it is the best and easy to use jQuery image gallery that offers great and unbelievable touch support for mobile phones and androids like application devices. This horizontal image slider is blessed with animated captions a responsive layout like features which can be used to design a user friendly and attractive web design in an easy platform. In jQuery image gallery, one can easily add numerous captions and slides and can use it in the future either as an image gallery, image slider, banner ads or banner rotator. Sometimes, the horizontal sliders can be used in making web design presentations with relevant themes.

The best part of jQuery horizontal image slider is its user friendly environment that can help in designing web pages and other applications with the use of unlimited slides and captions available on the toolbar. This image slider is best configured and blessed with best features that makes it the premier choice for the web designer nowadays to prefer for web designing than other sliders or tools for web page designs available in the market. 

Some of the best and superb features of this jQuery horizontal slider are as follows:


  • The sliders are very easy to configure with an aid of plug-in parameters as well as CSS files. It also possesses superb transition speed and easing and also the users can resize it anytime as per their requirements.


  • While making an image gallery, the user is free to add unlimited number of images but each image must be customized through its text description and hyperlink posted.


  • In this slide editor, the user is totally free to use the auto slideshow feature and can set the slider to play at the beginning and end of slide presentation. The slider possesses customizable interface which allows the user to add or delete elements like arrows or bullets from the slide presentation.


  • The horizontal image scroller is the best tool option of jQuery image slider which is supported by a mouse wheel which is very helpful for doing multiple instances in a single HTML web page. The slider can arrange the items of presentation in random order for display along with other contents of the webpage.


  • The user of the jQuery slider is free to set as well as remove the timer anytime as per his or her convenience and web presentation requirements.


The caption text effect in jQuery horizontal sliders using JavaScript helps in changing the offset time, animation direction and delay through the parameter of the presentation. Even the user can easily set perfect different sorts of border radius for an oval background. These are some of the best and unique features of jQuery horizontal sliders that make it a perfect and most preferable choice for the web designers and makers of web presentations.